As it turns out, if you create a folder on your Apple TV and place it among the top row of apps, you can scroll through its contents from the Top Shelf. Press Command+Shift+H to bring your tvOS simulator back to the home page. You’ll begin by putting your news app into your top row of apps to expose it in the top shelf. Apple has also prepared sample code for client-server apps, which display content in the new Apple TV markup language, or TVML.

  • Again, you’ve got to put an app’s icon in the top row for this to matter.
  • Most third-party apps aren’t yet taking advantage of this new feature, which Apple calls Top Shelf, but I’d imagine they will.
  • The Top Shelf is a showcase area above the top row of apps on the Apple TV Home screen.
  • The top shelf is a unique opportunity for an app to highlight new, featured, or useful content and let the user jump directly to it.

First, we add a new TV Service App Extension target to our project. We create the new target by selecting File, New, Target from the Xcode application menu, then selecting the tvOS – Application Extension, TV Services Extension options in the template chooser. The resulting additions will include a ServiceProvider source file that implements the TVTopShelfProvider protocol. This protocol contains two required read-only variables called topShelfItems andtopShelfStyle. Assigning a static image to the top shelf is easy enough that anyone can do it. In fact, everyone has to do it, as every app is required to provide one.

Game Center Images

That way, users can play the next item on their queue directly from the tvOS home screen, and don’t need to launch the app first. tvOS doesn’t drastically change up the home screen that Apple TV owners are by now well familiar with, but it does add some visual polish. The top row of app icons now has a dock in the background to visually distinguish it from the rest of the grid.

After you download and unzip the file, open the TVMLCatalog folder, run the TVMLCatalog.xcodeproj file, and hit the Play button. If you run into errors here, follow the instructions at the bottom of the project’s file in Xcode. Users could have a row for each service in an order defined by them, where they could hold down on the content card and quickly play a trailer, view details or add to Up Next. Apps installed but not yet linked to the TV App, could also be added through a prompt but it would be up to the user to determine what services got those spots. Scaling Mixed Images – The Sectioned Content Row was designed to hold a mix of image sizes . If you do mix image sizes however, be aware that additional scaling will be applied to normalize the content display.

App Explainer Videos

Created by normalizing and indexing video transcript files provided for WWDC videos. Check out the app’s source code on GitHub for additional implementation details, as well as information about the webservice APIs made available.

It’s the bit just above the top row of apps on the home screen that shows previews of each app’s content when it’s focused (think “Trending Videos”, “Recent Photos”, etc.). It’s a simple tool that you can just drag and organize your png files and make quick preview of your parallax effect. Finally, CHOCOTV tv app had released a new version which provide top shelf tvos top shelf and layered images a while ago. Please check it if you’re interested in fancy effects. Before we get into the Top Shelf Image, first let’s talk about the Top Shelf itself. “Top Shelf” is the term Apple uses to refer to the first row of apps on an Apple TV user’s home screen. Similar to a smartphone, an Apple TV user can rearrange their apps however they like.

How Do I Notify Users Of New Content Available In Tvos Apps From The Home Screen?

The idea is that users will place their five favorite apps in their “top shelf” for easy access and an enhanced display. But unlike Hulu, you can’t replace the Netflix app in your top row with an app like TV that offers deep links tvos top shelf to video content — you’re stuck using what Netflix offers. On the other end of the spectrum we have apps like Crackle and YouTube, which don’t display any content at all. These applications simply display a large banner image.

This is fine for games because they don’t lend themselves well to the Top Shelf format. I hadn’t made use of this feature until this most recent reorganization, though. And it brought me to a conclusion that, perhaps, many others have already come to — the Top Shelf is the most powerful user interface element on tvOS. It turns the Apple TV’s boring grid of icons into an immensely practical display of content from within your favorite apps, that you can play straight from your home screen. This isn’t something that’s exclusive to the Apple TV, I also go through this little ritual on my iPhone and iPad with a similar frequency. But this latest instance on the Apple TV was particularly revelatory for me — it has changed the way I interact with tvOS. I had previously discovered a neat little trick with folders in the top row.

App Icons

Apple added a new “Top Shelf Image” type to asset catalogs for this purpose, much like the existing “Launch Image” type. Speaking of Apple TV, I have the old A5 model from 2013 that I bought as a certified refurb in 2015 for $59.

tvos top shelf

Personalized Content – Users place their most frequently used or favorite apps in the Top Row of the Home screen. Use the Top Shelf to display the content they would be most interested in. Game Center Images – If your app is a game and uses Game Center, several additional images will be required. It would be great to see the on deck items in the top shelf of the app.

Apple Tv Top Shelf Image Generator, 3d Grid Template, Adobe After Effects Project File

It must contain a title, image and the title for the video will appear once the user has put it in focus. When a user taps on it it should deep link directly to the content within your app. Content in the row is focusable, letting the user scroll through it at the desired speed. A label appears when an individual piece of content comes into focus, and small movements on the remote’s touch surface bring the focused image to life. A sectioned content row can be configured to show multiple labels, if desired. At a minimum, every app must supply a single, static top shelf image that can be displayed when your app is in the top row of the Home screen and in focus.

It occupies approximately seventy percent of the screen when one of the apps on the top row is selected, nearshore software development as seen in the accompanying image. This layout is templated and cannot be customized any further.

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