finaghy gym

1a diamond gardens, belfast

finaghy gym

1a diamond gardens, belfast



Change the way you train with boxing fitness. We help you get stronger, fitter and leaner all at the same time, led by our team of specialist coaches. Tribe Finaghy is where our journey began, and it’s where your fitness journey begins.

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  • We are one.

    When you train at Tribe, you train together. This keeps you accountable, motivated and creates a community of people who understand and support your goals.

  • Coaches who care.

    Unlike commercial gyms where you are just a number, at Tribe, we care; about your goals, about you, what you want to achieve and how we can help you get there.

  • Results, guaranteed.

    We don't let you fail. It's that simple. When you join Tribe, you are a part of our tribe. Our training method works, and they will work for you too.





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It's up to you! It's of the upmost importance to us that by the end of your 30 day trial, you know whether or not Tribe is for you. We want it to be, but if it's not, that's okay. And if it isn't, you can bet that one of our coaches will find an alternative gym or exercise programme that does work for you - because we care. But if we're really honest? It won't come to this because you will love Tribe and everything about it. 

Age is a just a number - in fact, exercise becomes even more important as you age. There is no age limit as to who can join Tribe. We are open and accessible for all. 

We completely get it. Most, if not all, of our members felt the exact same before their first session - it's completely normal. But after your first session? It will feel like you've been coming for years. There's no intimidation at Tribe; egos are strictly prohibited. 

Our 30 day trial gives you an opportunity to see if our small group coaching is for you or not. Included in the trial are 2 x small group coaching sessions each week, 2 x SMASH HIIT sessions and 1 x 12 round conditioning class each week. 

That's 20 small group classes per month! 

Most of our members had never worn a pair of boxing gloves before they joined Tribe - now, they don't want to take them off. Our small group sessions accommodate for any fitness ability. So whether this is your first boxing class or one hundredth, we work with what you can do. 

You can book in for classes that suit you and your availability - but should you miss a session, that's okay. Miss two sessions? You'll have a coach on your case! We understand life can get in the way every now and then but we will keep you accountable.

If you have the all clear to train by your doctor then we can help. We might not be chiropractors, but we are coaches with a specialist understanding in training physiology that can help you improve posture, strength and mobility - ultimately helping to mitigate, if not, remove pain. 

Our 30 day trial costs ONLY £129 and includes up to 20 small group sessions per month. That's just £6.45 a class. The average PT session costs £35-£40 per session. We make small group coaching, affordable.